Our highly regarded clientele allows us to better communicate, track and build relationships with businesses world over. We gained trust through quality, experienced professional services, and excellent support. What others claim, we prove.

These are companies that have entrusted their business to Florix.

OMD (Mumbai, India)
  Design and development of employee, project and timesheet managment software.
Evershine & Rustomjee Builders (Mumbai, India)
  Design and development of construction site and booking managment software.
MCF Sports Complex (Mumbai, India)
  Design and development of website and member managment software.
St. Hilda (Melbourne, Australia)
  St Hilda's College is one of the younger colleges of The University of Melbourne. We have designed website and backend admin panel.
Bill Dawson & Associates, Inc (California, USA)
  Design, Development of several Corporate Software Projects.
Cross-Tab (Mumbai, India)
  Cross-Tab is a #1 market research outsourcing company. We have designed and developed Employee Timesheet Management, IT Issues Management, Bussiness lead Management, Dedicated web server support.
Essar Oil (Mumbai, India)
  Design, Development of web based ERP system to manage reatil outlet operation and logistics.
Papa John's India - PIZZA (Mumbai, India)
  Design, Development of web site of World's third largest pizza maker - PAPA JOHN'S.
Virar Beach Resort (Mumbai, India)
  Design, Development of website of #1 resort in Virar.
Globalphotos.com, Inc.(Oregon, USA)
  Design, Development of fully dynamic, ecommerce photo,images site .
VisitBook.com, Inc.(Singapore)
  Design, Development of web based visitor tracking system for large corporates[Under development]
ITWebsolutions Inc.(New York,USA)
  Design,Development an Baseball management site and Offline software.
Setmaster.com (Nevada,USA)
  Design,Development of website features.
Nunayer Business, Inc. (Nevada,USA)
  Design,Development of softwares.
Charles Kessler & Associates (California, USA)
  Design, Development of a complex Web spidering softwares.
SeeItMakeIt.net. (Wisconsin,USA)
  Design,Development of softwares. Administrating and hardening web servers
SignPlus (Texas, USA)
  Design, Development of a Web site creating dynamic customised signs,banners
BBrilliant.com 1998-2001 Internet Business Cards(California, USA)
  Design, Development of a complex Web portal creating dynamic business cards
Global Syzygy Inc. (Columbia, USA)
  Design, Development of flash animations and intros
Abaton Computers & Internet Services. (Ontario, Canada)
  Design, Development of web site.
PCD Builder (Sweden)
  Designed, Developed the MLM web site and softwares
ITSPL (Modi Enterprises) (Mumbai, India)
  Designed, Developed the online site and comprehensive backend database
WeberDev.com (Israel)
  Designed, Developed banners and provide technical consultation
Swagatresort.com (India)
  Designed, Developed resort website
vasaikar.org (India)
  Designed, Developed, and maintaining community web portal
alphautm.com (India)
  Designed and Developed website for Ultra Thickness Measurement service firm.
connectbpo.com (India)
  Designed, Developed, and maintaining web site built for connecting BPOs in India.
intercodetechnology.com (India)
  Designed and Developed website for Electronic Component Marketing Organisation.

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